Chapter 4 is the chapter where Vsafe is now funtioning and fighting crime. They made there headqaurters in this chapter as well. This chapter is known for introducing many new main charecters. Including Sue chatman , Kyle known as lord the in this chapter , Hook , Ninja , and the user. It also features the 1st fully working version of database. King poopus also makes a comeback in this chapter, its also his last to date.

Characters in this chapter Edit

Monti Thunder

Ruby Bubble

Jack of all trades

King Poopus


Craig Vinster

Sue Chatman





Snippet of Chapter 4 Edit

"HI IM JACKL OF ALL TRADES" said jack of all trades emerging from the
bushes. Bob died at the sight of jack of all trades" Mary and sue ran
to bob and started crying. "Stay back you monster "shouted mary while
shielding her daughter sue. it was to late mary died of jacks smell and
ugly face. Sue started running and shouting "leave me alone you big
ugly smell monster". Jack thought to himself "a 3 year old i could beat
her up it would be my first ever victory" "Come here you little bitch "
shouted jack. Sue was runnnig as fast as she could. "HALT" shouted the.
Jack halted and somehow the was immue to jacks uglyness and smells. sue
got away.

Trivia Edit

  • Kyle is only known as Lord the but later known as kyle in future chapters
  • This chapter is the first to include over 10 main charecters
  • Jack gets revived in this chapter