Chapter two is a fun chapter it marks the first apperance of the great tin-win who is one of the main charecters. It also features the first apperance of king poopus and his amazing poo cave.

Characters in this chapterEdit

Monti Thunder

Ruby Bubble

Jack of all trades


King Poopus

Snippet of Chapter Two Edit

Jack said "yeah can i have my wish now" The poo leader smiled and said
certainly you sick twisted vomit bag. Jack calmly said "I wish that
ruby loved me and not monti" The poo leader said "are you sure monti is
a well respected person is it really fair that you get a girl you don't
deserve just for your own selfish needs" Jack sat silent for a few
seconds and said "I am the jack of all trades and i demand this" The
poo leader was angered by this and smash jack head agaist a pile of the
worst poo in the world ELAPHANT POO !. "Jack I will only help you have
the power of lieing any lie you say we be true until the wish wares
off" said the poo leader.

Triva Edit

Chapter two is the most viewd chapter to date - 16th November 2009

Chapter two feautes tin-wins first appreance

King poopus is only known as poo leader in this chapter