Chapter 3 begins the fight. Jack vs tin-win . In this chapter tin-win does his best move tinning then winning. Jack got badly injured in this chapter and it marks his death of dieing in his own tears and poo. At the end it includes a sneak peak at the next chapter

Characters in this chapterEdit

Monti Thunder

Ruby Bubble

Jack of all trades


Craig Vinster


Snippet of Chapter 3 Edit

Jack had now had many punches on tin win and tin win looked like he was
about to die. Jack shouted "i'm the best" SUDDENLY everyone bursted out
laughing at him including craig vinster who was now in the crowd of
people on his horse. Tin win got up and bursted out laughing as well
and now tin win looked fine and not dieing. The group all started
shouting "Jack the fool jack the fool tin win teach the fool" Tin win
had done his faaaaaaaameos trick, he had TINNED jack. tin win smirked
and said "i have done the tinning now its time for the winning". Tin
win shouted "WONG HURRICANE" suddenly a hurricane spun round his hammer
of wong and he threw jacks stupid hair got caught in it as well as jack
himself. Jack was twisting round at 10000000000000000000000000000000
MPH. Jack then bafted out sick but the sick flew back right in his
face. Tin win slowed the hurricane to a stop and jack was sill twirling
around on his feet.

Trivia Edit

  • This chapter marks the first apperance of Craig Vinster
  • This chapter is the first ever fight scene
  • This is lord dooms favorite chapter
  • This is the first chapter to have sneak peaks at the next chapter