Jack of all Trades
Jack of all trades



First apparance

Chapter 1 - Birth of a fool

Power Level



Grubby and 88 year old tramp


Ruby Bubble


Retard Quad

Jack of all trades, He used to be a clown until chapter 2. Jack of all trades is basicly someone nobody likes but only pretend to like him. He is a pooey skunk and he smells of poo. He gets beaten mutiple times and always crys about it. Only pootards are friends with him. Jack of all trades smells of poo and sucks.

Hobbies Edit

Beleave it or not but this pootard has hobbies.

  • Being a retard
  • Dancing to raining men alaloya
  • Being stupid
  • Being a skunk
  • Being a retard

Power Edit

Jacks power level is a mere 4. However when he goes into his hyper mode it jumps up to 40. This is more stronger than a average humen being.

Cloths Edit

Jack often wears emo cloths becuase he's a emo and he sucks. he often crys a lot when he trips over or hits his head or when his local people hit him he cryys like a baby. When he was a baby nonoe could ever put a diaper on him becuase his bum smelled so bad noone would dare go near it or they would die a death so bad it would kill you.

Friend Edit

Yep you saw right jack doesn't have friends only a friend. His best friend Jamie of all treebark. At the end of the day jack is 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 times worse than this person.

Jack tried being monti's friend but monti just laughed at how pathetic he was.

Jack doesn't really know the meaning of friend in his younger years when he could acturlly get one he would just make fun of them and laugh at them.

He always ended up being friends with a fat virgin who played runescape, runescape sucks only virgins like him play it and im not gonna be friend with anyone who plays runescape I have more class than that.


Jack funnyiest moments Edit

  • When he tried to pick up a feather and broke his amr becuase it was too heavy
  • When he got poo chucked at him and he ate it
  • When he got ran over be a tracter what had poo on the tires
  • When he got beat up by bill gates, micheal jackson, and simon cowell
  • When he tried to count to 10
  • When he played runescape
  • when he got chucked 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 miles becuase a small wind
  • When jack wore white over a black t-shire making him gay
  • When jack got punched by a turtle
  • When jack got hit on the head with poo
  • When he tried to join the rune but no-one would let him
  • When he tried getting a date with his ugly face
  • When jack tried to run and then he fell over and died
  • When jack tried getting a friend
  • When jack tried to try
  • When jack tried to act cool ("yo yo yo im cool" said Jack, "go away you skunk and why is there poo on your face" said a girl")
  • When jack got beat up by a 3 year old
  • When jack was born he looked as stupid as he is now
  • When jack got stuck in a poo bath with a pig
  • When jack tried to write a story and it failed
  • When jack tried to think
  • When jack though he had more than 1 friend
  • When jack drunk 0.0000000000000000000000000000000000000000001% beer he started being sick everywhere.
  • When jack got tipsy over orange juice
  • When jack got bet up by a fly
  • When jack tried to dance then fell in poo
  • When jack started trying to do the alphobet then he fell off a cliff and banged his head loads of times and had 100000000000000000000000000000 kangaroos poo on him
  • When jack started singing the world started getting annoyed and beat him to a poo pulp
  • When jack got fat and stinky
  • When jack made friends with lord the the farmer with a gay name
  • When jack married lord the
  • When jack though he was cool
  • When jack found out people were only laughing AT him not WITH him.
  • When jack found out everyone really hates him
  • When jack got beat up by a old man in the park
  • When jack got beat up by a 1 second year old baby
  • When jack landed in elephant poo
  • When jack licked cat poo
  • When jack ate a ton of elephant poo
  • When jack started sing YMCA
  • When jack tried to upstage enimem
  • When jack tried to upstage obarma
  • When jack thought he was the best
  • When jack tried to be smart only to fail
  • When monti beat him up just by touching him
  • When he slipped over soup and broke his arm
  • When jack fell in the toilet and hurt himself
  • When jack gets hurt
  • When jack got beat up by a grasshopper
  • When jack cried at the tweenies becuase he thought it was scary
  • When jack got hit by a icecream truck what really had poo in it and the poo fell on him
  • When jack clapped his hands and his hands fell off.