Chapter one is a important chapter. It introduces oneof the main people in the story. The kind loving Monti and his wife rubyios bubble.

This is also the chapter where jack the clown becomes jack of all trades.

Characters in this chapter

Monti Thunder

Ruby Bubble

Jack of all trades

Snippet of Chapter one

monti approched the clown and whispered in his small ears. "get a job
your a fool everyone is laughing at you i can give you some money to
start a new life if you want" some people would be surpsised to see
monti do this for someone but no one was monti was a nice guy who
always told the truth and helped people with there lives monti simply
thought he could help another being. Jack replied our loud "shutup i am
a legend i am the best i am cool look everyone look at this fool " Jack
started laughing but everyone on the street started throwing apples at
him and jack the clown fainted after one hit him.


  • This is the shortest chapter
  • This is the chapter with the least characters in
  • Jacks attiude is dramaticly cocky in this chapter. It eventurly dies out the further chapters go on.
  • Monti is also very kind in this chapter but his kindness also drops the further chapters go on.